New challenges from an “old” toxin
A 4-decade-long (and still ongoing) hunt for palytoxins chemical architecture
LC-MS of palytoxin and its analogues
Occurrence of palytoxin-group toxins in seafood and future strategies to complement the present state of the art
World-wide occurrence of the toxic dinoflagellate genus Ostreopsis Schmidt
Trends in Ostreopsis proliferation along the Northern Mediterranean coasts
A review on the effects of environmental conditions on growth and toxin production of Ostreopsis ovata
Palytoxin action on the Na+,K+-ATPase and the disruption of ion equilibria in biological systems ☆
Modulation of protein kinase signaling cascades by palytoxin
The cytolytic and cytotoxic activities of palytoxin
Palytoxins and cytoskeleton
Palytoxin toxicology
Case definitions for human poisonings postulated to palytoxins exposure