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Toxins and stress in fish
Within-clutch variation in venoms from hatchlings of Deinagkistrodon acutus (Viperidae)
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Adapted response of the antioxidant defense system to oxidative stress induced by deoxynivalenol in Hek-293 cells
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Neutralization of Vipera and Macrovipera venoms by two experimental polyvalent antisera
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Cytotoxic and antioxidant property of a purified fraction (NN-32) of Indian Naja naja venom on Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in BALB/c mice
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An alternative method for purifying and detoxifying diphtheria toxin
Tityus serrulatus venom and toxins Ts1, Ts2 and Ts6 induce macrophage activation and production of immune mediators
Comment on “Preclinical assessment of the neutralizing capacity of antivenoms produced in six Latin American countries against medically-relevant Bothrops snake venoms”