From venoms to drugs: Introduction
Natriuretic peptide drug leads from snake venom
Cyclization of conotoxins to improve their biopharmaceutical properties
Drug development from Australian elapid snake venoms and the Venomics pipeline of candidates for haemostasis: Textilinin-1 (Q8008), Haempatch™ (Q8009) and CoVase™ (V0801)
The development of Byetta (exenatide) from the venom of the Gila monster as an anti-diabetic agent
Development of a chimeric recombinant disintegrin as a cost-effective anti-cancer agent with promising translational potential
G protein-coupled receptors, an unexploited animal toxin targets: Exploration of green mamba venom for novel drug candidates active against adrenoceptors
From snake venom toxins to therapeutics – Cardiovascular examples
Crotoxin and phospholipases A2 from Crotalus durissus terrificus showed antiviral activity against dengue and yellow fever viruses
Bradykinin-potentiating peptides: Beyond captopril
Discovery and development of the χ-conopeptide class of analgesic peptides
Development of a sea anemone toxin as an immunomodulator for therapy of autoimmune diseases