Effects of beauvericin, enniatin b and moniliformin on human dendritic cells and macrophages: An in vitro study
Proteomic characterisation of toxins isolated from nematocysts of the South Atlantic jellyfish Olindias sambaquiensis
The rat Digit Abduction Score (DAS) assay: A physiological model for assessing botulinum neurotoxin-induced skeletal muscle paralysis
Synthesis and characterization of amino acid deletion analogs of κ-hefutoxin 1, a scorpion toxin on potassium channels
Cloning and characterisation of three novel disintegrin precursors from the venoms of three Atheris species: Atheris chlorechis , Atheris nitschei and Atheris squamigera
Glycolic acid inhibits enzymatic, hemorrhagic and edema-inducing activities of BaP1, a P–I metalloproteinase from Bothrops asper snake venom: Insights from docking and molecular modeling
Bothropic antivenom based on monoclonal antibodies, is it possible?
Synthesis and biological characterization of synthetic analogs of Huwentoxin-IV (Mu-theraphotoxin-Hh2a), a neuronal tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium channel inhibitor
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Role of lysine and acidic amino acid residues on the insecticidal activity of Jackbean urease
Comparison of venom composition and biological activities of the subspecies Crotalus lepidus lepidus , Crotalus lepidus klauberi and Crotalus lepidus morulus from Mexico
Cytotoxic activities of [Ser49]phospholipase A2 from the venom of the saw-scaled vipers Echis ocellatus , Echis pyramidum leakeyi , Echis carinatus sochureki , and Echis coloratus
Top-down sequencing of Apis dorsata apamin by MALDI-TOF MS and evidence of its inactivity against microorganisms
Pulmonary and hepatic lesions caused by the dehydropyrrolizidine alkaloid-producing plants Crotalaria juncea and Crotalaria retusa in donkeys
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Crystal structure of a Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus venom metalloproteinase providing new insights into the inhibition by endogenous tripeptide inhibitors
A novel ICK peptide from the Loxosceles intermedia (brown spider) venom gland: Cloning, heterologous expression and immunological cross-reactivity approaches
Functional analysis of the gene SCO1782 encoding Streptomyces hemolysin (S-hemolysin) in Streptomyces coelicolor M145