Post-transcriptional control of Amblyomin-X on secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor and expression of adhesion molecules in endothelial cells
Homology modeling, vasorelaxant and bradykinin-potentiating activities of a novel hypotensin found in the scorpion venom from Tityus stigmurus
Comparison of total protein and enzyme levels in successive regenerations of venom from individual coralsnakes
A chance to cut is not always a chance to cure- fasciotomy in the treatment of rattlesnake envenomation: A retrospective poison center study ☆
Production level of tetrodotoxin in Aeromonas is associated with the copy number of a plasmid
Microcystins and anatoxin-a in Arctic biocrust cyanobacterial communities
A saxitoxin-binding aptamer with higher affinity and inhibitory activity optimized by rational site-directed mutagenesis and truncation
Isolation and characterisation of insulin-releasing compounds from Crotalus adamanteus , Crotalus vegrandis and Bitis nasicornis venom
First report of the characterization of the pathophysiological mechanisms caused by the freshwater catfish Pimelodus maculatus (order: Siluriformes)
Activity of botulinum neurotoxin type D (strain 1873) in human neurons
Solid phase synthesis, NMR structure determination of α-KTx3.8, its in silico docking to Kv1.x potassium channels, and electrophysiological analysis provide insights into toxin-channel selectivity
Synthesis, antimicrobial activity and toxicity of analogs of the scorpion venom BmKn peptides
Chemical analysis of Karenia papilionacea
Mechanisms of microcystin-LR-induced cytoskeletal disruption in animal cells
Confirmation of the absence of tetrodotoxin and its analogues in the juveniles of the Japanese fire-bellied newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster , captive-reared from eggs in the laboratory using HILIC-LC-MS