Characterising the enzymatic profile of crude tentacle extracts from the South Atlantic jellyfish Olindias sambaquiensis (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
An analysis of venom ontogeny and prey-specific toxicity in the Monocled Cobra ( Naja kaouthia )
Inhibition of the superantigenic activities of Staphylococcal enterotoxin A by an aptamer antagonist
Functional characterizations of venom phenotypes in the eastern diamondback rattlesnake ( Crotalus adamanteus ) and evidence for expression-driven divergence in toxic activities among populations
Vipera lebetina venom nucleases
Exploiting the antithrombotic effect of the (pro)thrombin inhibitor bothrojaracin
Broadening the neutralizing capacity of a family of antibody fragments against different toxins from Mexican scorpions
Development and validation of a high-throughput online solid phase extraction – Liquid chromatography – Tandem mass spectrometry method for the detection of tetrodotoxin in human urine
The voltage-gated sodium ion channel inhibitory activities of a new tetrodotoxin analogue, 4,4a-anhydrotetrodotoxin, and three other analogues evaluated by colorimetric cell-based assay
In vitro angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibition by a peptide isolated from Chiropsalmus quadrigatus Haeckel (box jellyfish) venom hydrolysate
Anti-parasitic effect on Toxoplasma gondii induced by BnSP-7, a Lys49-phospholipase A2 homologue from Bothrops pauloensis venom
Angiotensins processing activities in the venom and epidermic mucus of Scorpaena plumieri
Taming C-terminal peptides of Staphylococcus aureus leukotoxin M for B-cell response: Implication in improved subclinical bovine mastitis diagnosis and protective efficacy in vitro
p38 MAPK is involved in human neutrophil chemotaxis induced by L-amino acid oxidase from Calloselasma rhodosthoma
Aflatoxin B1 induced upregulation of protein arginine methyltransferase 5 in human cell lines
Nomenclatural instability in the venomous snakes of the Bothrops complex: Implications in toxinology and public health
Immunoaffinity chromatography in antivenomics studies: Various parameters that can affect the results
Insights into the potential of picoplanktonic marine cyanobacteria strains for cancer therapies – Cytotoxic mechanisms against the RKO colon cancer cell line
Heterologous expression of five disulfide-bonded insecticidal spider peptides
Comparative proteomic analysis of two wasps venom, Vespa tropica and Vespa affinis
Differences in susceptibility of mouse strains to tetrodotoxin
Pathogenesis of dermonecrosis induced by venom of the spitting cobra, Naja nigricollis : An experimental study in mice
Gonyautoxins: First evidence in pain management in total knee arthroplasty
Bacterial diversity and tetrodotoxin analysis in the viscera of the gastropods from Portuguese coast
Antigenic cross-reactivity and species-specific identification of Pseudocerastes persicus fieldi snake venom
Isolation, characterization and screening of the in vitro cytotoxic activity of a novel L-amino acid oxidase (LAAOcdt) from Crotalus durissus terrificus venom on human cancer cell lines
The urticating apparatus in the caterpillar of Lonomia obliqua (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)
A revisited hemolytic assay for palytoxin detection: Limitations for its quantitation in mussels
An investigation into ciguatoxin bioaccumulation in sharks
Ts8 scorpion toxin inhibits the Kv4.2 channel and produces nociception in vivo
Potassium channel blockers from the venom of the Brazilian scorpion Tityus serrulatus ( Lutz and Mello, 1922 )
Scorpion envenoming caused by Tityus cf. silvestris evolving with severe muscle spasms in the Brazilian Amazon
Comparison of the serum toxicokinetics of larkspur toxins in cattle, sheep and goats
Central loop of non-conventional toxin WTX from Naja kaouthia is important for interaction with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Preclinical evaluation of three polyspecific antivenoms against the venom of Echis ocellatus : Neutralization of toxic activities and antivenomics
Divergent functional profiles of acidic and basic phospholipases A2 in the venom of the snake Porthidium lansbergii lansbergii
Rapid and selective detection of experimental snake envenomation – Use of gold nanoparticle based lateral flow assay
Intraspecific variation in growth, morphology and toxin quotas for the cyanobacterium, Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii
Quantification of bufadienolides in the poisons of Rhinella marina and Rhaebo guttatus by HPLC-UV
Understanding malarial toxins
Patagonfibrase modifies protein expression of tissue factor and protein disulfide isomerase in rat skin
Fusaric acid induces mitochondrial stress in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HepG2) cells
Biological activities of Leptodeira annulata (banded cat-eyed snake) venom on vertebrate neuromuscular preparations
Application of rapid test kits for the determination of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins in bivalve molluscs from Great Britain
Characterization of TistH, a multifunctional peptide from the scorpion Tityus stigmurus : Structure, cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activity
Antivenomics of a European vipera antivenom
Antivenomics of a sub-saharan Africa antivenom antivipmyn Africa
Brazilian monospecific anti-crotalic serum does not neutralize the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and the disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) induced by Crotalus spp. snake venom from Bahia, Brazil
Evaluating first-aid reponses to cnidarian stings: A critical review of the literature and a novel assay array to standardize testing
The longevity of snakes in the scientific breeding of venomous animals of the laboratory of venomous animals and herpetology in the state university of Feira De Santana-Bahia-Brasil
Ontogeny of defensive behaviors in the western black widow spider ( Latrodectus hesperus )
Sensory shifts following autotomy in the golden orb weaver ( Nephila clavipes ): Leg arrangement and vibratory signals
Characterization of the proteome for the wandering spider, Ctenus hibernalis (Aranea:Ctenidae)
Pain control in crotalinae snakebite with a fentanyl patch
A lethal lapse: Envenomations and Ebola. Critical gaps in aid worker preparation
Sistrurus miliarius miliarus envenomation report
A rare Chinese pit viper in minnesota: Protobothrops mangshanensis envenomation
Northern Pacific rattlesnake ( Crotalus oreganus ) envenomation leads to ocular destruction and coagulopathy
Paradoxical exception to island tameness: Increased defensiveness in an insular population of rattlesnakes
Efficacy of polyvalent equine-derived antivenin against the venom of 4 North American rattlesnakes
Severe pit viper envenomation with extended clinical signs and treatment complications