Functional analysis of four single (RGDW L , RGDW M , RGDW P , RGD M N) and two double (RGD NM , RGD MP ) mutants: The importance of methionine (M) in the functional potency of recombinant mojastin (r-Moj)
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Molecular cloning, expression and IgE-immunoreactivity of phospholipase A1, a major allergen from Polybia paulista (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) venom
rBaltMIP, a recombinant alpha-type myotoxin inhibitor from Bothrops alternatus ( Rhinocerophis alternatus ) snake, as a potential candidate to complement the antivenom therapy
Serine proteinases from Bothrops snake venom activates PI3K/Akt mediated angiogenesis
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Identification of the immunogenic epitopes of the whole venom component of the Hemiscorpius lepturus scorpion using the phage display peptide library
Envenomation by Bothrops punctatus in southwestern Colombia