Production and preclinical assessment of camelid immunoglobulins against Echis sochureki venom from desert of Rajasthan, India
Discovery of two P-superfamily conotoxins, lt9a and lt9b, with different modifications on voltage-sensitive sodium channels
Tetrodotoxin in Asian newts (Salamandridae)
Expanding biological activities of Ts19 Frag-II toxin: Insights into IL-17 production
Bovine enzootic haematuria from consumption of Pteris deflexa and Pteris plumula in northwestern Argentina
Venom of the Peruvian snake Bothriopsis oligolepis : Detection of antibacterial activity and involvement of proteolytic enzymes and C-type lectins in growth inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus
Involvement of astrocytic CYP1A1 isoform in the metabolism and toxicity of the alkaloid pyrrolizidine monocrotaline
Vertical transmission of microcystins to Nile crocodile ( Crocodylus niloticus ) eggs
Hematological alterations and splenic T lymphocyte polarization at the crest of snake venom induced acute kidney injury in adult male mice
Corrigendum to “Histone Methyltransferase aflrmtA gene is involved in the morphogenesis, mycotoxin biosynthesis, and pathogenicity of Aspergillus flavus ” [Toxicon 127 (2017, Mar 1) 112–121]. doi: 10.1016/j.toxicon.2017.01.013. Epub 2017 Jan 19.