Patient and Physician Perspectives on MSdialog, an Electronic PRO Diary in Multiple Sclerosis

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MSdialog, a web- and mobile-based software application, captures data on self-administration of subcutaneous interferon β-1a, clinical outcomes, and patient-reported outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis outside the clinic.


Patient and healthcare professional reactions to MSdialog were surveyed; participants rated benefits of MSdialog detailed in an explanatory video. A 6-week pilot study of patients with multiple sclerosis then assessed MSdialog usability. After participating in a training teleconference, patients completed weekly health reports via MSdialog, plus two usability surveys (weeks 3 and 6) and an exploratory follow-up telephone interview.


Seventy-six patients, 92 neurologists and 40 multiple sclerosis nurses completed the MSdialog benefits survey. Highly motivating benefits for patients included sharing information with healthcare providers and capturing patient-reported outcomes data; healthcare providers were highly motivated by data availability on patient-reported outcomes and adherence. Thirty-nine of 42 enrolled patients completed the pilot study. Overall, 87 % of patients stated that completion of patient-reported outcomes with MSdialog fitted in “fairly well” to “extremely well” with their weekly routine. At week 6, 77 % of patients were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their MSdialog experience; 82 % considered it better than previous methods for tracking their health and 95 % would recommend using MSdialog. Most patients were highly motivated to use MSdialog; reasons given included “helps me remember what to mention to my doctor”.


MSdialog was considered easy to use and superior to patients' previous methods for tracking health. The ability to provide valuable data to healthcare providers offers the potential to improve patient-physician communication and engagement.

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