Network Modeling of Non-Darcy Flow Through Porous Media

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Darcy's law is inadequate for describing high-velocity gas flow in porous media, which occurs in the near well-bore region of high capacity gas and condensate reservoirs. This study is directed at understanding the non-Darcy flow behavior. A pore-level network model has been developed to describe high velocity flow. The inputs to the model are pore size distributions and network coordination numbers. The outputs are permeability, non-Darcy coefficient, tortuousity and porosity. The additional pressure gradient term is found to be proportional to the square of the velocity in accordance with the Forchheimer's equation. The correlation between the non-Darcy coefficient and other flow properties (the permeability, the porosity and the tortuousity) is found to depend on the morphological parameters being changed. General correlations are derived between these flow properties.

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