2-D Numerical Modeling of Bioremediation in Heterogeneous Saturated Soils

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This paper presents a numerical solution approach for an existing model for simulating transport and biodegradation in saturated porous media. The discrete approximation makes use of an appropriate blending of mixed-hybrid finite-element and shock-capturing finite-volume schemes. The model is applied for simulating enhanced-bioremediation of highly heterogeneous porous media contaminated by organic pollutants. Injection of water enriched in dissolved oxygen (DO) is considered for accelerating contaminant degradation and concentration of both organic pollutant (substrate) and DO. Heterogeneity is found to produce pools of contaminants which strongly affect DO delivery and, then, the degradation of the organic contaminant. A set of numerical results on representative situations illustrates the effectiveness and the robustness of the present approach. The computational efficiency of the present approach is also estimated in terms of CPU costs and memory requirements.

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