Trafficking of the Salmonella Vacuole in Macrophages
A Microbial Strategy to Multiply in Macrophages
Type IVB Secretion by Intracellular Pathogens
Visualization of Actin Dynamics During Macropinocytosis and Exocytosis
The leaden Gene Product Is Required with Rab27a to Recruit Myosin Va to Melanosomes in Melanocytes
Ca2+ and Mg2+/ATP Independently Trigger Homotypic Membrane Fusion in Gastric Secretory Membranes
Localization of HCMV UL33 and US27 in Endocytic Compartments and Viral Membranes
Meeting Report from the EMBO Workshop ‘The Cell Biology of Virus Infection’, Heidelberg, Germany, 22–26 September 2001