Protein Secretion in Plants
Clathrin and Plant Endocytosis
Membrane Trafficking During Plant Cytokinesis
Identification of RanBP2- and Kinesin-Mediated Transport Pathways with Restricted Neuronal and Subcellular Localization
Cycling of Early Golgi Proteins Via the Cell Surface and Endosomes Upon Lumenal pH Disruption
The Lumenal Domain of the Integral Membrane Protein Phogrin Mediates Targeting to Secretory Granules
Pallidin is a Component of a Multi-Protein Complex Involved in the Biogenesis of Lysosome-related Organelles
The Melanocytic Protein Melan-A/MART-1 Has a Subcellular Localization Distinct from Typical Melanosomal Proteins