The β-Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) and Alzheimer's Disease
Secretory Pathway Quality Control Operating in Golgi, Plasmalemmal, and Endosomal Systems
Traffic Jams II
Endosome Fusion and Microtubule-Based Dynamics in the Early Endocytic Pathway of Dictyostelium
Regulation of Peptidergic Vesicle Mobility by Secretagogues
PrPC Is Sorted to the Basolateral Membrane of Epithelial Cells Independently of its Association with Rafts
The Overexpression of GMAP-210 Blocks Anterograde and Retrograde Transport Between the ER and the Golgi Apparatus
The Transitional ER Defines a Boundary for Quality Control in the Secretion of tsO45 VSV Glycoprotein
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