The ER-Lumenal Domain of the HHV-7 Immunoevasin U21 Directs Class I MHC Molecules to Lysosomes
Features of Influenza HA Required for Apical Sorting Differ from Those Required for Association with DRMs or MAL
Contribution of Cysteines to Clathrin Trimerization Domain Stability and Mapping of Light Chain Binding
The Ubiquitin-Vacuolar Protein Sorting System is Selectively Required During Entry of Influenza Virus into Host Cells
Rab23, a Negative Regulator of Hedgehog Signaling, Localizes to the Plasma Membrane and the Endocytic Pathway
AAK1-Mediated μ2 Phosphorylation is Stimulated by Assembled Clathrin
Compromise of Clathrin Function and Membrane Association by Clathrin Light Chain Deletion
HIV-1 Egress is Gated Through Late Endosomal Membranes