Invisible Rafts at Work
Molecular Dynamics and Interactions for Creation of Stimulation-Induced Stabilized Rafts from Small Unstable Steady-State Rafts
Transmembrane Asymmetry and Lateral Domains in Biological Membranes
Lipids as Targeting Signals
Lipid Rafts and the Regulation of Exocytosis
Membrane Domains in Lymphocytes – From Lipid Rafts to Protein Scaffolds
Characterization of BLOC-2, a Complex Containing the Hermansky–Pudlak Syndrome Proteins HPS3, HPS5 and HPS6
Golgi Inheritance Under a Block of Anterograde and Retrograde Traffic
Recognition of Lumenal Prion Protein Aggregates by Post-ER Quality Control Mechanisms Is Mediated by the Preoctarepeat Region of PrP
Forthcoming Review Topics