Endocytic and Transcytotic Processes in Villous Syncytiotrophoblast
Insulin and Oleate Promote Translocation of Inosine-5′ Monophosphate Dehydrogenase to Lipid Bodies
Temperature-Sensitive Random Insulin Granule Diffusion is a Prerequisite for Recruiting Granules for Release
Insulin Stimulates the Entry of GLUT4 into the Endosomal Recycling Pathway by a Quantal Mechanism
Missorting of LaCrosse Virus Nucleocapsid Protein by the Interferon-Induced MxA GTPase Involves Smooth ER Membranes
Rab Coupling Protein Associates with Phagosomes and Regulates Recycling from the Phagosomal Compartment
Regulation of Myosin-VI Targeting to Endocytic Compartments