E3 Ubiquitin Ligases as Regulators of Membrane Protein Trafficking and Degradation
A Novel Hook-Related Protein Family and the Characterization of Hook-Related Protein 1
The Listeria Protein Internalin B Mimics Hepatocyte Growth Factor-Induced Receptor Trafficking
An Extended Tyrosine-Targeting Motif for Endocytosis and Recycling of the Dense-Core Vesicle Membrane Protein Phogrin
HIV-1 Trafficking to the Dendritic Cell–T-Cell Infectious Synapse Uses a Pathway of Tetraspanin Sorting to the Immunological Synapse
Brl1p – A Novel Nuclear Envelope Protein Required for Nuclear Transport
Where do we go from here? Meeting Report on the Biophysical Society Discussion on ‘Probing Membrane Microdomains’, October 28–31, 2004, Asilomar, CA, USA