Regulation of Apicomplexan Microfilament Dynamics by a Minimal Set of Actin-Binding Proteins
Retrovirus RNA Trafficking
Regulation of Cytoskeletal Dynamics at the Immune Synapse
Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling and the Biological Activity of Mouse Survivin are Regulated by an Active Nuclear Export Signal
Cargo Selectivity of the ERGIC-53/MCFD2 Transport Receptor Complex
Ternary SNARE Complexes Are Enriched in Lipid Rafts during Mast Cell Exocytosis
Regulatory Dissociation of Tctex-1 Light Chain from Dynein Complex Is Essential for the Apical Delivery of Rhodopsin
Roles for the Drs2p–Cdc50p Complex in Protein Transport and Phosphatidylserine Asymmetry of the Yeast Plasma Membrane
EGF-Induced Activation of the EGF Receptor Does Not Trigger Mobilization of Caveolae
A Role for Adaptor Protein-3 Complex in the Organization of the Endocytic Pathway in Dictyostelium
Cooperation of Phosphoinositides and BAR Domain Proteins in Endosomal Tubulation
Ultrastructural Analysis of ESCRT Proteins Suggests a Role for Endosome-Associated Tubular–Vesicular Membranes in ESCRT Function
Defective Intracellular Trafficking of Uromodulin Mutant Isoforms