The Phagosome
Hitch-hiking Between Cells on Lipoprotein Particles
Nucleocytoplasmic Trafficking Is Required for Functioning of the Adaptor Protein Sla1p in Endocytosis
Low-Temperature-Induced Golgi Tubules Are Transient Membranes Enriched in Molecules Regulating Intra-Golgi Transport
Fragmentation of the Golgi Apparatus
Apical Sorting by Galectin-3-Dependent Glycoprotein Clustering
Internalization and Trafficking of Cell Surface Proteoglycans and Proteoglycan-Binding Ligands
Role of an Acidic Cluster/Dileucine Motif in Cation-Independent Mannose 6-Phosphate Receptor Traffic
Rab11-FIP3 Is Critical for the Structural Integrity of the Endosomal Recycling Compartment
C-Terminal Prenylation of the CLN3 Membrane Glycoprotein Is Required for Efficient Endosomal Sorting to Lysosomes
Traffic Jams
Meeting Report – Imaging Membrane Dynamics, 14–17 September, Royal Holloway – University of London, UK