Intracellular Trafficking in the Trypanosomatids
Multiple Roles of Auxilin and Hsc70 in Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Nup53p is a Target of Two Mitotic Kinases, Cdk1p and Hrr25p
Nuclear Functions of the Arf Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor BRAG2
A Microtubule-Facilitated Nuclear Import Pathway for Cancer Regulatory Proteins
The Peroxin PEX14 of Neurospora crassa is Essential for the Biogenesis of Both Glyoxysomes and Woronin Bodies
Cholesterol-Sensitive Cdc42 Activation Regulates Actin Polymerization for Endocytosis via the GEEC Pathway
The Cellular Trafficking of the Secretory Proprotein Convertase PCSK9 and Its Dependence on the LDLR
A GAPDH Mutant Defective in Src-Dependent Tyrosine Phosphorylation Impedes Rab2-Mediated Events
Enlargeosome Traffic
The trans-Golgi Network Golgin, GCC185, is Required for Endosome-to-Golgi Transport and Maintenance of Golgi Structure
The BEACH Protein LvsB Is Localized on Lysosomes and Postlysosomes and Limits Their Fusion with Early Endosomes