Dysferlin in Membrane Trafficking and Patch Repair
Nuclear Localization of Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 5 Through Its Importin α/β-Recognized Nuclear Localization Sequences is Integral to Viral Infection
Microtubules Tethered at Epithelial Cell Junctions by Dynein Facilitate Efficient Junction Assembly
Activated Somatostatin Type 2 Receptors Traffic In Vivo in Central Neurons from Dendrites to the Trans Golgi Before Recycling
An Acidic Cluster of the Cytoplasmic Tail of the RD114 Virus Glycoprotein Controls Assembly of Retroviral Envelopes
A Comprehensive Model for the Cellular Uptake of Cationic Cell-penetrating Peptides
Rab18 Inhibits Secretory Activity in Neuroendocrine Cells by Interacting with Secretory Granules
Rab27b Regulates Mast Cell Granule Dynamics and Secretion
CVAK104 is a Novel Regulator of Clathrin-mediated SNARE Sorting
Molecular Basis for Autoregulatory Interaction Between GAE Domain and Hinge Region of GGA1
The Conserved Isoleucine-Valine-Phenylalanine Motif Couples Activation State and Endocytic Functions of β-Arrestins
RhoB-Dependent Modulation of Postendocytic Traffic in Polarized Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Cells
The Cellular Trafficking of the Secretory Proprotein Convertase PCSK9 and Its Dependence on the LDLR