Endocytosis in Neurons
Endocytosis at Ribbon Synapses
Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis at Synapses
Kiss-and-run, Collapse and ‘Readily Retrievable’ Vesicles
Potential Role of Tubulin Acetylation and Microtubule-Based Protein Trafficking in Familial Dysautonomia
Nuclear Transport of Kir/Gem Requires Specific Signals and Importin α5 and Is Regulated by Calmodulin and Predicted Serine Phosphorylations
Nuclear Localization of Endogenous RGK Proteins and Modulation of Cell Shape Remodeling by Regulated Nuclear Transport
Innate Immune Recognition Triggers Secretion of Lysosomal Enzymes by Macrophages
Membranous Structures Transfer Cell Surface Proteins Across NK Cell Immune Synapses
Intracellular Trafficking of Potato Leafroll Virus Movement Protein in Transgenic Arabidopsis
A Cytoplasmic PPPSP Motif Determines Megalin's Phosphorylation and Regulates Receptor's Recycling and Surface Expression
Snc1p v-SNARE Transport to the Prospore Membrane During Yeast Sporulation is Dependent on Endosomal Retrieval Pathways
The PY Motif of ENaC, Mutated in Liddle Syndrome, Regulates Channel Internalization, Sorting and Mobilization from Subapical Pool
Both Post-Golgi and Intra-Golgi Cycling Affect the Distribution of the Golgi Phosphoprotein GPP130
Targeting of Sna3p to the Endosomal Pathway Depends on Its Interaction with Rsp5p and Multivesicular Body Sorting on Its Ubiquitylation