Arf GAPs and Their Interacting Proteins
Regulation of Arf Activation
Traffic of Proteins and Peptides across Membranes for Immunosurveillance by CD8+ T Lymphocytes
Homodimerization Antagonizes Nuclear Export of Survivin
A Functional Dynein–Microtubule Network Is Required for NGF Signaling Through the Rap1/MAPK Pathway
Migration Cues Induce Chromatin Alterations
Aggregate Formation by ERp57-Deficient MHC Class I Peptide-Loading Complexes
A Membrane Protease is Targeted to the Relict Plastid of Toxoplasma via an Internal Signal Sequence
Growth Control of Golgi Phosphoinositides by Reciprocal Localization of Sac1 Lipid Phosphatase and Pik1 4-Kinase
Annexin A6-Induced Alterations in Cholesterol Transport and Caveolin Export from the Golgi Complex
Restoration of Peroxisomal Catalase Import in a Model of Human Cellular Aging
Trafficking of Siderophore Transporters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Intracellular Fate of Ferrioxamine B Conjugates
Vps22/EAP30 in ESCRT-II Mediates Endosomal Sorting of Growth Factor and Chemokine Receptors Destined for Lysosomal Degradation
In Vitro Fusion Catalyzed by the Sporulation-Specific t-SNARE Light-Chain Spo20p is Stimulated by Phosphatidic Acid
Two Human ARFGAPs Associated with COP-I-Coated Vesicles