The Recognition and Retrotranslocation of Misfolded Proteins from the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Exosome Function
Tuning Microtubule-Based Transport Through Filamentous MAPs
High-Resolution 3D Quantitative Analysis of Caveolar Ultrastructure and Caveola–Cytoskeleton Interactions
Ca2+ Triggers a Novel Clathrin-Independent but Actin-Dependent Fast Endocytosis in Pancreatic Beta Cells
CD9 Clustering and Formation of Microvilli Zippers Between Contacting Cells Regulates Virus-Induced Cell Fusion
btn1 Affects Endocytosis, Polarization of Sterol-Rich Membrane Domains and Polarized Growth in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Glycolipid-Dependent Sorting of Melanosomal from Lysosomal Membrane Proteins by Lumenal Determinants
Rab8 is Involved in Zymogen Granule Formation in Pancreatic Acinar AR42J Cells
Different Motifs Regulate Trafficking of SorCS1 Isoforms
A Role for EHD4 in the Regulation of Early Endosomal Transport
Uncommon Endocytic and Trafficking Pathway of the Natural Killer Cell CD94/NKG2A Inhibitory Receptor