Going with the Flow
For Better or for Worse
Vesicle Docking in Regulated Exocytosis
Trafficking of Vesicular Neurotransmitter Transporters
Secretory Outposts for the Local Processing of Membrane Cargo in Neuronal Dendrites
CD1a and MHC Class I Follow a Similar Endocytic Recycling Pathway
Two Viral Kinases are Required for Sustained Long Distance Axon Transport of a Neuroinvasive Herpesvirus
Peroxisome Fission in Hansenula polymorpha Requires Mdv1 and Fis1, Two Proteins Also Involved in Mitochondrial Fission
The Prodomain of Toxoplasma gondii GPI-Anchored Subtilase TgSUB1 Mediates its Targeting to Micronemes
The Hepatitis C Virus Non-Structural Protein NS5A Alters the Trafficking Profile of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Depalmitoylation of Ykt6 Prevents its Entry into the Multivesicular Body Pathway
In Situ Cleavage of the Acidic Domain from the p115 Tether Inhibits Exocytic Transport
The Luminal Domain of p23 (Tmp21) Plays a Critical Role in p23 Cell Surface Trafficking
Identification of Acidic Dileucine Signals in LRP9 that Interact with Both GGAs and AP-1/AP-2