The Endomembrane System
Multiple Vacuoles in Plant Cells
The Plant ER–Golgi Interface
Endoplasmic Reticulum Quality Control and the Unfolded Protein Response
Endosomal Functions in Plants
Intermediate Organelles of the Plant Secretory Pathway
Deciphering the Golgi Apparatus
Arabidopsis has Two Functional Orthologs of the Yeast V-ATPase Assembly Factor Vma21p
The Syntaxins SYP31 and SYP81 Control ER–Golgi Trafficking in the Plant Secretory Pathway
The Luminal N-Terminus of Yeast Nvj1 is an Inner Nuclear Membrane Anchor
Toxoplasma gondii Uses Unusual Sorting Mechanisms to Deliver Transmembrane Proteins into the Host-Cell Vacuole
Ubiquitylation is Required for Degradation of Transmembrane Surface Proteins in Trypanosomes
Evolution of the Multivesicular Body ESCRT Machinery; Retention Across the Eukaryotic Lineage
Chromatin Tethering of Incoming Foamy Virus by the Structural Gag Protein
Human Herpesvirus-6 Induces MVB Formation, and Virus Egress Occurs by an Exosomal Release Pathway
Dynamics of Lipid Transfer by Phosphatidylinositol Transfer Proteins in Cells
Fluorescent Annexin A1 Reveals Dynamics of Ceramide Platforms in Living Cells
Endosomal Targeting of MEK2 Requires RAF, MEK Kinase Activity and Clathrin-Dependent Endocytosis
AAK1 Regulates Numb Function at an Early Step in Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
Intravital Two-Photon Microscopy for Studying the Uptake and Trafficking of Fluorescently Conjugated Molecules in Live Rodents