Endocytosis and Cancer
Salmonella-Containing Vacuoles
The TRAPP Complex
Mechanisms of EHD/RME-1 Protein Function in Endocytic Transport
Nuclear Export Signal Consensus Sequences Defined Using a Localization-Based Yeast Selection System
Nuclear Translocation of β-Dystroglycan Reveals a Distinctive Trafficking Pattern of Autoproteolyzed Mucins
Transport of TMV Movement Protein Particles Associated with the Targeting of RNA to Plasmodesmata
Multiple Mechanisms for Accumulation of Myosin II Filaments at the Equator During Cytokinesis
Dynamic Remodeling of the Endosomal System During Formation of Salmonella-Induced Filaments by Intracellular Salmonella enterica
Dynamic Behavior of Salmonella-Induced Membrane Tubules in Epithelial Cells
The Chlamydial Inclusion Preferentially Intercepts Basolaterally Directed Sphingomyelin-Containing Exocytic Vacuoles
N- and O-Glycans Are Not Directly Involved in the Oligomerization and Apical Sorting of GPI Proteins
The Rab27a Effectors JFC1/Slp1 and Munc13-4 Regulate Exocytosis of Neutrophil Granules
Short Elements with Charged Amino Acids Form Clusters to Sort Protachykinin into Large Dense-Core Vesicles
Nucleotide-Dependent Conformational Changes and Assembly of the AAA ATPase SKD1/VPS4B
The Drosophila Epsin 1 is Required for Ubiquitin-Dependent Synaptic Growth and Function but Not for Synaptic Vesicle Recycling
Apical Cargo Traverses Endosomal Compartments on the Passage to the Cell Surface
ARAP1 Regulates EGF Receptor Trafficking and Signalling
ARAP1 Regulates Endocytosis of EGFR
Gyrating Clathrin
Infectious Adenovirus Type 2 Transport Through Early but not Late Endosomes
The ESCRT-I Subunit TSG101 Controls Endosome-to-Cytosol Release of Viral RNA
Tuning the Transport Properties of HIV-1 Tat Arginine-Rich Motif in Living Cells