Lipins, Lipids and Nuclear Envelope Structure
Importins and Beyond
Messenger RNA Export from the Nucleus
Nuclear Trafficking and Functions of Endocytic Proteins Implicated in Oncogenesis
Quantification of Nuclear Protein Transport using Induced Heterodimerization
Binding Site Distribution of Nuclear Transport Receptors and Transport Complexes in Single Nuclear Pore Complexes
Mechanism and a Peptide Motif for Targeting Peripheral Proteins to the Yeast Inner Nuclear Membrane
Exo70-Mediated Recruitment of Nucleoporin Nup62 at the Leading Edge of Migrating Cells is Required for Cell Migration
Connexin 33 Impairs Gap Junction Functionality by Accelerating Connexin 43 Gap Junction Plaque Endocytosis
Adaptor Protein-2 Interaction with Arrestin Regulates GPCR Recycling and Apoptosis
Role of the RING-CH Domain of Viral Ligase mK3 in Ubiquitination of Non-Lysine and Lysine MHC I Residues
ESCRT-I Function is Required for Tyrp1 Transport from Early Endosomes to the Melanosome Limiting Membrane
Nudel Promotes Axonal Lysosome Clearance and Endo-lysosome Formation via Dynein-Mediated Transport
Involvement of Vps33a in the Fusion of Uroplakin-Degrading Multivesicular Bodies with Lysosomes
The GAP Domain and the SNARE, Coatomer and Cargo Interaction Region of the ArfGAP2/3 Glo3 are Sufficient for Glo3 Function