Structural Mechanisms for Regulation of Membrane Traffic by Rab GTPases
Death by Committee
The Role of Galectins in Protein Trafficking
Transportin Mediates Nuclear Entry of DNA in Vertebrate Systems
Diffusive Movement of Processive Kinesin-1 on Microtubules
HCMV-Encoded Glycoprotein M (UL100) Interacts with Rab11 Effector Protein FIP4
A Helical Membrane-Binding Domain Targets the Toxoplasma ROP2 Family to the Parasitophorous Vacuole
Membrane Contact Sites between Apicoplast and ER in Toxoplasma gondii Revealed by Electron Tomography
ER Export of KAT1 is Correlated to the Number of Acidic Residues within a Triacidic Motif
Transferrin-Directed Internalization and Cycling of Transferrin Receptor 2
The COG Complex, Rab6 and COPI Define a Novel Golgi Retrograde Trafficking Pathway that is Exploited by SubAB Toxin
Sorting of MHC Class II Molecules into Exosomes through a Ubiquitin-Independent Pathway
MHC II in Dendritic Cells is Targeted to Lysosomes or T Cell-Induced Exosomes Via Distinct Multivesicular Body Pathways
Endosomal Fusion upon SNARE Knockdown is Maintained by Residual SNARE Activity and Enhanced Docking