Divide et Impera
Nap1 and Chz1 have Separate Htz1 Nuclear Import and Assembly Functions
The Nuclear Import of the Small GTPase Rac1 is Mediated by the Direct Interaction with Karyopherin α2
Efficient Internalization of MHC I Requires Lysine-11 and Lysine-63 Mixed Linkage Polyubiquitin Chains
Rab10 Regulates Phagosome Maturation and Its Overexpression Rescues Mycobacterium -Containing Phagosomes Maturation
Trafficking of the Phosphoprotein PfCRT to the Digestive Vacuolar Membrane in Plasmodium falciparum
Masking of Transmembrane-Based Retention Signals Controls ER Export of γ-Secretase
GGA Autoinhibition Revisited
Thiazolidinediones Induce Rab7–RILP–MAPK-Dependent Juxtanuclear Lysosome Aggregation and Reduce Tumor Cell Invasion
Multiple Primary Cilia Modulate the Fluid Transcytosis in Choroid Plexus Epithelium