Early Origin of Genes Encoding Subunits of Biogenesis of Lysosome-related Organelles Complex-1, -2 and -3
Legionella pneumophila Promotes Functional Interactions between Plasma Membrane Syntaxins and Sec22b
Improvement in Lipid and Protein Trafficking in Niemann-Pick C1 Cells by Correction of a Secondary Enzyme Defect
Regulation of ER–Golgi Intermediate Compartment Tubulation and Mobility by COPI Coats, Motor Proteins and Microtubules
Rab33b and Rab6 are Functionally Overlapping Regulators of Golgi Homeostasis and Trafficking
Distinct Roles of Myosin Va in Membrane Remodeling and Exocytosis of Secretory Granules
ERp44 and ERGIC-53 Synergize in Coupling Efficiency and Fidelity of IgM Polymerization and Secretion
The G-protein Coupled Receptor Associated Sorting Protein GASP-1 Regulates the Signalling and Trafficking of the Viral Chemokine Receptor US28
Cellular Internalization of Exosomes Occurs Through Phagocytosis
A Novel Syntaxin 6-Interacting Protein, SHIP164, Regulates Syntaxin 6-Dependent Sorting from Early Endosomes
AMN Directs Endocytosis of the Intrinsic Factor-Vitamin B12 Receptor Cubam by Engaging ARH or Dab2