Remote Origins of Tail-Anchored Proteins
Differential Subcellular Distributions and Trafficking Functions of hnRNP A2/B1 Spliceoforms
SKIP, the Host Target of the Salmonella Virulence Factor SifA, Promotes Kinesin-1-Dependent Vacuolar Membrane Exchanges
Traffic of a Viral Movement Protein Complex to the Highly Curved Tubules of the Cortical Endoplasmic Reticulum
Efficient ER Exit and Vacuole Targeting of Yeast Sna2p Require Two Tyrosine-Based Sorting Motifs
Pathogenesis of ER Storage Disorders
S100A10-Mediated Translocation of Annexin-A2 to SNARE Proteins in Adrenergic Chromaffin Cells Undergoing Exocytosis
Secretory Granule Membrane Protein Recycles through Multivesicular Bodies
Lysosomal Targeting of the CLN7 Membrane Glycoprotein and Transport Via the Plasma Membrane Require a Dileucine Motif
Modeling Fusion/Fission-Dependent Intracellular Transport of Fluid Phase Markers