In Memoriam
Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis at the Synaptic Terminal: Bridging the Gap Between Physiology and Molecules
Subcellular Communication Through RNA Transport and Localized Protein Synthesis
Truncated Isoforms of Kap60 Facilitate Trafficking of Heh2 to the Nuclear Envelope
Lipid Cosorting Mediated by Shiga Toxin Induced Tubulation
A Role for Phospholipase A2 Activity in Membrane Tubule Formation and TGN Trafficking
LG186: An Inhibitor of GBF1 Function that Causes Golgi Disassembly in Human and Canine Cells
Interaction of Golgin-84 with the COG Complex Mediates the Intra-Golgi Retrograde Transport
Drosophila Rolling Blackout Displays Lipase Domain-Dependent and -Independent Endocytic Functions Downstream of Dynamin
Dynamics and Regulation of Endocytotic Fission Pores: Role of Calcium and Dynamin