Moving In With Ubiquitin
Role of Ubiquitination in Endocytic Trafficking of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors
The Multiple Facets of Ubiquitination in the Regulation of Notch Signaling Pathway
Exploitation of the Ubiquitin System by Invading Bacteria
The Role of Ubiquitination in Lysosomal Trafficking of δ-Opioid Receptors
Localization and Trafficking of an Isoform of the AtPRA1 Family to the Golgi Apparatus Depend on Both N- and C-Terminal Sequence Motifs
Regulation of EGF-Stimulated EGF Receptor Endocytosis During M Phase
Role of ORPs in Sterol Transport from Plasma Membrane to ER and Lipid Droplets in Mammalian Cells
Polarized but Differential Localization and Recruitment of STIM1, Orai1 and TRPC Channels in Secretory Cells