Molecular Mechanism of Co-translational Protein Targeting by the Signal Recognition Particle
Superfolder GFP Is Fluorescent in Oxidizing Environments When Targeted via the Sec Translocon
Translokin (Cep57) Interacts with Cyclin D1 and Prevents Its Nuclear Accumulation in Quiescent Fibroblasts
The Bacterial SRP Receptor, SecA and the Ribosome Use Overlapping Binding Sites on the SecY Translocon
Escherichia coli Producing CNF1 Toxin Hijacks Tollip to Trigger Rac1-Dependent Cell Invasion
Sed4p Stimulates Sar1p GTP Hydrolysis and Promotes Limited Coat Disassembly
Regulation of Fusion Pore Closure and Compound Exocytosis in Neuroendocrine PC12 Cells by SCAMP1
Securin and Separase Modulate Membrane Traffic by Affecting Endosomal Acidification
The Recycling Endosome Protein Rab17 Regulates Melanocytic Filopodia Formation and Melanosome Trafficking
Trafficking Properties of the D5 Dopamine Receptor