Endocytosis and Endosomes at the Crossroads of Regulating Trafficking of Axon Outgrowth-Modifying Receptors
Intramembrane Proteolysis in Regulated Protein Trafficking
A Conserved Archaeal Pathway for Tail-Anchored Membrane Protein Insertion
Plasmodium falciparum Apicoplast Transit Peptides are Unstructured in vitro and During Apicoplast Import
Generic Sorting of Raft Lipids into Secretory Vesicles in Yeast
CD39 Reveals Novel Insights into the Role of Transmembrane Domains in Protein Processing, Apical Targeting and Activity
Bidirectional Insulin Granule Turnover in the Submembrane Space During K+ Depolarization-Induced Secretion
Recruitment of Cellular Clathrin to Viral Factories and Disruption of Clathrin-Dependent Trafficking
A Nonaggregating Surfactant Protein C Mutant Is Misdirected to Early Endosomes and Disrupts Phospholipid Recycling
Cargo-Dependent Degradation of ESCRT-I as a Feedback Mechanism to Modulate Endosomal Sorting
Biochemical Characterization of APPL Endosomes: The Role of Annexin A2 in APPL Membrane Recruitment
A Role of the Sulfonylurea Receptor 1 in Endocytic Trafficking of ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels
Vacuolar Import of Phosphatidylcholine Requires the ATP-Binding Cassette Transporter Ybt1
Mechanisms of Functional Specificity Among Plasma-Membrane Syntaxins in Arabidopsis