At the Crossroads of Chemistry and Cell Biology: Inhibiting Membrane Traffic by Small Molecules
The Yeast Golgi Apparatus
Getting in Touch with the Clathrin Terminal Domain
The Karyopherin Sal3 is Required for Nuclear Import of the Core RNA Interference Pathway Protein Rdp1
Structural Basis of High-Affinity Nuclear Localization Signal Interactions with Importin-α
The Translocation Selectivity of the Kinesins that Mediate Neuronal Organelle Transport
Role of Protein Kinase D in Golgi Exit and Lysosomal Targeting of the Transmembrane Protein, Mcoln1
Differential Roles of Grb2 and AP-2 in p38 MAPK- and EGF-Induced EGFR Internalization
Sna3 Is an Rsp5 Adaptor Protein that Relies on Ubiquitination for Its MVB Sorting
Peroxisome Formation Requires the Endoplasmic Reticulum Channel Protein Sec61
Distinct Recycling of Active and Inactive β1 Integrins