Regulated Exocytosis: Novel Insights from Intravital Microscopy
Quality Control Compartments Coming of Age
Assessing the Tendency of Fluorescent Proteins to Oligomerize Under Physiologic Conditions
Nuclear Import of Exogenous FGF1 Requires the ER-Protein LRRC59 and the Importins Kpnα1 and Kpnβ1
Myosin VI Regulates Actin Dynamics and Melanosome Biogenesis
Early and Selective Impairments in Axonal Transport Kinetics of Synaptic Cargoes Induced by Soluble Amyloid β-Protein Oligomers
Apicoplast Targeting of a Toxoplasma gondii Transmembrane Protein Requires a Cytosolic Tyrosine-Based Motif
Lipid Droplet De Novo Formation and Fission Are Linked to the Cell Cycle in Fission Yeast
The Formation and Stability of DC-SIGN Microdomains Require its Extracellular Moiety
Electron Tomography Reveals Rab6 Is Essential to the Trafficking of trans-Golgi Clathrin and COPI-Coated Vesicles and the Maintenance of Golgi Cisternal Number
Rabankyrin-5 Interacts with EHD1 and Vps26 to Regulate Endocytic Trafficking and Retromer Function