Re‘COG'nition at the Golgi
Exorcising the Exocyst Complex
The DSL1 Complex: The Smallest but Not the Least CATCHR
SNAP-tag Based Proteomics Approach for the Study of the Retrograde Route
A Novel Approach for Intracellular 3D Immuno-Labeling for Electron Tomography
The Interaction Between Importin-α and Nup153 Promotes Importin-α/β-Mediated Nuclear Import
Pex19p Contributes to Peroxisome Inheritance in the Association of Peroxisomes to Myo2p
Transient Complex Interactions of Mammalian Peroxisomes Without Exchange of Matrix or Membrane Marker Proteins
Interaction with a Kinesin-2 Tail Propels Choline Acetyltransferase Flow Towards Synapse
Di-Arginine Signals and the K-Rich Domain Retain the Ca2+ Sensor STIM1 in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Akt/PKB Controls the Activity-Dependent Bulk Endocytosis of Synaptic Vesicles
An N-Terminal Dileucine Motif Directs Two-Pore Channels to the Tonoplast of Plant Cells
Vacuolar Degradation of Two Integral Plasma Membrane Proteins, AtLRR84A and OsSCAMP1, Is Cargo Ubiquitination-Independent and Prevacuolar Compartment-Mediated in Plant Cells