Phagocytosis Here and Now
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Phagosome as the Organelle Linking Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Mechanisms of Fc Receptor and Dectin-1 Activation for Phagocytosis
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Determinants for Arabidopsis Peptide Transporter Targeting to the Tonoplast or Plasma Membrane
Regulated Intramembrane Cleavage of the EGF Receptor
A Critical Histidine Residue Within LIMP-2 Mediates pH Sensitive Binding to Its Ligand β-Glucocerebrosidase
AMPA Receptors Regulate Exocytosis and Insulin Release in Pancreatic β Cells
Retromer Guides STxB and CD8-M6PR from Early to Recycling Endosomes, EHD1 Guides STxB from Recycling Endosome to Golgi
The BLOS1-Interacting Protein KXD1 is Involved in the Biogenesis of Lysosome-Related Organelles
Snail Destabilizes Cell Surface Crumbs3a