Herpesviruses Exploit Several Host Compartments for Envelopment
Sensitive and High Resolution Localization and Tracking of Membrane Proteins in Live Cells with BRET
Malaria Parasite Signal Peptide Peptidase is an ER-Resident Protease Required for Growth but not for Invasion
Cholesterol Accumulation Increases Insulin Granule Size and Impairs Membrane Trafficking
Fission Yeast Sec3 Bridges the Exocyst Complex to the Actin Cytoskeleton
A Conserved N-terminal Arginine-Motif in GOLPH3-Family Proteins Mediates Binding to Coatomer
N -glycosylation Does Not Affect the Catalytic Activity of Ricin A Chain but Stimulates Cytotoxicity by Promoting Its Transport Out of the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Metabolic Activation of the HOG MAP Kinase Pathway by Snf1/AMPK Regulates Lipid Signaling at the Golgi
Cell-surface Metalloprotease ADAM12 is Internalized by a Clathrin- and Grb2-dependent Mechanism
The PtdIns3P-Binding Protein Phafin 2 Mediates Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Degradation by Promoting Endosome Fusion