Worming Our Way In and Out of the Caenorhabditis elegans Germline and Developing Embryo
Dynamic Regulation of Autophagy and Endocytosis for Cell Remodeling During Early Development
Quantitative Analysis of Membrane Protein Transport Across the Nuclear Pore Complex
Rab24 is Required for Normal Cell Division
A HT/PEXEL Motif in Toxoplasma Dense Granule Proteins is a Signal for Protein Cleavage but not Export into the Host Cell
Role of Plasmepsin V in Export of Diverse Protein Families from the Plasmodium falciparum Exportome
Cis -Golgi Cisternal Assembly and Biosynthetic Activation Occur Sequentially in Plants and Algae
Segregation of the Qb-SNAREs GS27 and GS28 into Golgi Vesicles Regulates Intra-Golgi Transport
Differential Endosomal Sorting of a Novel P2Y12 Purinoreceptor Mutant
Antagonistic Control of Lysosomal Fusion by Rab14 and the Lyst-Related Protein LvsB