Lysosomal Membrane Proteins and Their Central Role in Physiology
The BEACH Is Hot: A LYST of Emerging Roles for BEACH-Domain Containing Proteins in Human Disease
Specificity and Regulation of the Endoplasmic Reticulum-Associated Degradation Machinery
A Novel Assay for Measurement of Membrane-Protein Surface Expression using a β-lactamase
Distinct Functions of Nuclear Distribution Proteins LIS1, Ndel1 and NudCL in Regulating Axonal Mitochondrial Transport
Different Munc13 Isoforms Function as Priming Factors in Lytic Granule Release from Murine Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes
Postsynaptic Kainate Receptor Recycling and Surface Expression Are Regulated by Metabotropic Autoreceptor Signalling
A Sorting Nexin 17-Binding Domain Within the LRP1 Cytoplasmic Tail Mediates Receptor Recycling Through the Basolateral Sorting Endosome
The ERM Proteins Ezrin and Moesin Regulate Retrograde Shiga Toxin Transport †
Trans-sialidase Stimulates Eat Me Response from Epithelial Cells