Interorganelle Trafficking of Lipids: Preface for the Thematic Review Series
Binding Domain-Driven Intracellular Trafficking of Sterols for Synthesis of Steroid Hormones, Bile Acids and Oxysterols
Lipid Trafficking in Plant Cells
Phospholipid Transport via Mitochondria
Cytokine-Induced Slowing of STAT3 Nuclear Import; Faster Basal Trafficking of the STAT3β Isoform
Mpl Traffics to the Cell Surface Through Conventional and Unconventional Routes
The Large GTPase Mx1 Is Involved in Apical Transport in MDCK Cells
Distinct Actions of Rab3 and Rab27 GTPases on Late Stages of Exocytosis of Insulin
Isolation of the Lateral Border Recycling Compartment Using a Diaminobenzidine-Induced Density Shift