Targeting of the Hydrophobic Metabolome by Pathogens
New Export Pathway in Plasmodium falciparum -Infected Erythrocytes: Role of the Parasite Group II Chaperonin, PfTRiC
Trafficking of Acetyl-C16-Ceramide-NBD with Long-Term Stability and No Cytotoxicity into the Golgi Complex
Granule Mobility, Fusion Frequency and Insulin Secretion Are Differentially Affected by Insulinotropic Stimuli
Disease-Associated Mutations of TREM2 Alter the Processing of N-Linked Oligosaccharides in the Golgi Apparatus
Effect of Clathrin Light Chains on the Stiffness of Clathrin Lattices and Membrane Budding
Molecular Analysis and Localization of CaARA7 a Conventional RAB5 GTPase from Characean Algae