Issue Cover (April 2016)
My Early Days with Ari Helenius: Detergents and Viruses
N -Glycan-based ER Molecular Chaperone and Protein Quality Control System: The Calnexin Binding Cycle
Viral Genome Tethering to Host Cell Chromatin: Cause and Consequences
Five Questions (with their Answers) on ER-Associated Degradation
HCMV Induces Macropinocytosis for Host Cell Entry in Fibroblasts
Nuclear LC3 Associates with Slowly Diffusing Complexes that Survey the Nucleolus
Molecular Basis for the Interaction Between AP4 β4 and its Accessory Protein, Tepsin
Calnuc Function in Endosomal Sorting of Lysosomal Receptors
Assembly of Peroxisomal Membrane Proteins via the Direct Pex19p-Pex3p Pathway