Editorial Overview: Myosins in Review
Structural Basis of Cargo Recognition by Unconventional Myosins in Cellular Trafficking
Kinetic Adaptations of Myosins for Their Diverse Cellular Functions
Mechanics and Activation of Unconventional Myosins
Tropomyosin-Mediated Regulation of Cytoplasmic Myosins
Myosins, Actin and Autophagy
Identification and Characterization of LIN-2(CASK) as a Regulator of Kinesin-3 UNC-104(KIF1A) Motility and Clustering in Neurons
Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Pathogenesis Differ in Krabbe Disease Variants
‘2A-Like’ Signal Sequences Mediating Translational Recoding: A Novel Form of Dual Protein Targeting
A Genetic Screen Identifies a Critical Role for the WDR81-WDR91 Complex in the Trafficking and Degradation of Tetherin