Tau directs intracellular trafficking by regulating the forces exerted by kinesin and dynein teams
TMD1 domain and CRAC motif determine the association and disassociation of MxIRT1 with detergent-resistant membranes
Recruitment of 7SL RNA to assembling HIV-1 virus-like particles
The biology and polymer physics underlying large-scale chromosome organization
Transcellular vesicular transport in epithelial and endothelial cells: Challenges and opportunities
Journey to the centre of the cell: Virtual reality immersion into scientific data
Structural insights into the nuclear import of the histone acetyltransferase males-absent-on-the-first by importin α1
Eps15R and clathrin regulate EphB2-mediated cell repulsion
Membrane lipid order of sub-synaptic T cell vesicles correlates with their dynamics and function
The Sec1/Munc18 Protein Groove Plays a Conserved Role in Interaction with Sec9p/SNAP-25
Human Peroxin PEX3 Is Co-translationally Integrated into the ER and Exits the ER in Budding Vesicles
Readily Accessible Multiplane Microscopy: 3D Tracking the HIV-1 Genome in Living Cells
Phosphorylation of αSNAP is Required for Secretory Organelle Biogenesis in Toxoplasma gondii
Regulation of Vesicular Traffic at the T Cell Immune Synapse: Lessons from the Primary Cilium
Role of Adaptor Proteins and Clathrin in the Trafficking of Human Kidney Anion Exchanger 1 (kAE1) to the Cell Surface
Rab12 Localizes to Shiga Toxin-Induced Plasma Membrane Invaginations and Controls Toxin Transport
A Biophysical Analysis of Mitochondrial Movement: Differences Between Transport in Neuronal Cell Bodies Versus Processes
Host PI(3,5)P2 Activity Is Required for Plasmodium berghei Growth During Liver Stage Infection
Cellular Zinc Levels Are Modulated by TRPML1–TMEM163 Interaction
Sec16 Determines the Size and Functioning of the Golgi in the Protist Parasite, Trypanosoma brucei
The RAB5-GEF Function of RIN1 Regulates Multiple Steps During Listeria monocytogenes Infection
Src Regulates Sequence-Dependent Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor Recycling via Cortactin Phosphorylation
In Sickness and in Health: The Role of TRAPP and Associated Proteins in Disease
Isolation of the Lateral Border Recycling Compartment Using a Diaminobenzidine-Induced Density Shift
Are All Multisubunit Tethering Complexes Bona Fide Tethers?
Arabinogalactan Glycosyltransferases Target to a Unique Subcellular Compartment That May Function in Unconventional Secretion in Plants
Targeting of Viral Capsids to Nuclear Pores in a Cell-Free Reconstitution System
Vmp1 Regulates PtdIns3P Signaling During Autophagosome Formation in Dictyostelium discoideum
Legionella pneumophila Subversion of Host Vesicular Transport by SidC Effector Proteins
High-Throughput Quantitation of Intracellular Trafficking and Organelle Disruption by Flow Cytometry
Subcellular Trafficking and Activity of Hyal-1 and Its Processed Forms in Murine Macrophages
Escherichia coli Exposure Inhibits Exocytic SNARE-Mediated Membrane Fusion in Mast Cells
The Cellular and Physiological Functions of the Lowe Syndrome Protein OCRL1