Attitude of Ancillary Personnel Faced With Living Kidney Donation in a Hospital With a Living Donor Kidney Transplant Program

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Hospital ancillary workers’ opinion has credibility among the general public because they work on behalf of a hospital. The objective of this study is to analyze the attitude of ancillary employees toward living kidney donation and the variables that influence such attitude. A random sample of ancillary personnel (n=401) was taken and stratified according to type of service in a transplant hospital. Attitude was evaluated using a survey, which was completed anonymously and self-administered. The completion rate was 94% (n=377). Most (85%) are in favor of related living kidney donation, 7% against, and the 8% undecided. The multivariate analysis found that the variables with more weight affecting attitude are: 1) female sex (odds ratio [OR]=3.75); 2) a respondent’s lack of concern about the possible “mutilation” of the body after donation (OR=3.65); 3) a respondent’s belief in the possibility of needing a future transplant (OR=2.66); and 4) a respondent’s willingness to receive a donated living kidney (OR=10.51).

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